Dear friends, please allow us to present you with our general operating terms. General operating terms aim to improve the overall quality of our services and our cooperation. The General operating terms  will help you understand what your rights and responsibilities are after signing the Hunting/Adventure Contract, which fixes your hunting reservation. Our agency serves as a travel organizer, together with our partners, takes on its commitments accordingly, in accordance with the law, regulations and customs in tourism. With your signature on the Hunting/Adventure Contract, you will be giving your consent to our general operation terms.

  1. Reservations, hunt/adventure and hunt/adventure calculation


Hunt/Adventure reservation – After selecting the desired hunting or adventure package from our offer, you will email us or contact our agents by email, phone or fax and send us the signed form. By signing the form, you have agreed to hire us to prepare your hunting package. Once you receive our concrete offer, complete with prices and travel itinerary, you will sign the Hunting/Adventure Contract and pay the organisation fees and advance payment to finalise your reservation.

Hunt registration confirmation – Your reservation will be considered final after we receive the signed Hunting/Adventure Contract and receive payment of the organisation tax and advance payment (minimum of 30% of the total hunting package price). The payment may be made to our agents or to our designated bank accounts.

In the course of hunting – The hunter is required to carry with him personal documents, a valid hunting license and weapon permit, and to act in accordance with the hunting regulations of the country in which he is hunting, at all times. The hunter will be accompanied by our professional guides and will shoot only upon the approval of the guide, or in exceptional cases when the guest is without a guide, will hunt only in accordance with the instructions given by the hunting leader. In case of catch made out of the agreement, the hunter will be required to pay damages. The hunter is responsible for his conduct on the hunting ground and for each bullet fired.

Hunt calculation – The hunt calculation will be made immediately upon the completion of your hunt, using the form Hunt Protocol. The respective Protocol will serve as a basis for the calculation. The Hunt Protocol will be filled out by the hunting ground keeper in the presence of the hunter in either Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian or English language, and will be confirmed by the signature. The Hunt Protocol contains personal information of the hunting guest, and all services provided, including accommodation, catch and trophy, eventual missed shots with explanations. Complaints shall be considered only if included into the Hunt Protocol in writing and signed by the hunting grounds keeper and the hunter.


  1. Responsibilities of our agency as travel organiser

Hunting/Adventure Contract – by signing this contract, the Balkan Hunt is responsible for putting together a package of services for the hunters/guests, including accommodation, transport, travel insurance, catch and other services, while the hunter/guest is obliged to pay the set/agreed price to the Balkan Hunt for such package.

Hunting agency as a mediator – by signing the Hunting Contract, the hunter/guest authorises the Balkan Hunt to conclude travel organisation contracts on his behalf, and contracts on the provision of one or more service to make the trip possible, and the hunter/guest is obliged to pay the agreed fee.

Issuing the travel voucher/package confirmation – the hunting agency is obliged to issue the guest the travel voucher/package confirmation at the time of signing the Hunting/Adventure Contract. It will contain the hunter’s/guest's personal information, date of issuance and all agreed services.

Protection of the hunting guests’ rights and interests – the Balkan Hunt is obliged to provide the services listed in the Hunting/Adventure contract or travel voucher/package confirmation and to ensure the protection of the hunter’s/guest's rights and interest, in line with the good business conduct. The Balkan Hunt will inform the hunter/guest of all formalities concerning travel, visas, accommodation, etc. and make the reservations as the hunter/guest requests.

  1. Responsibilities of the hunter/guest

Payment of the price – the hunter/guest is obliged to pay the hunting agency, as the organiser or mediator, the set price for the travel, at the time agreed, or at usual time of payment.

Obligation to provide information – the hunter/guest is required, if requested by the hunting agency, to submit all information necessary to organise the trip in a timely manner. If the necessary information is not submitted in time, the hunter/guest will be responsible for covering eventual additional costs.

Responsibility of the hunter/guests for damages caused – the hunter/guest shall be responsible for damages caused by non-compliance with obligations specified in the Hunting Contract and the provisions of the Tourism Act.

Responsibility to abide by hunting laws and customs – the hunter/guest is obliged to abide by the hunting and customs laws and regulations of the country in which s/he is hunting, and to cover all expenses ensuing from non-compliance with those laws.

  1. Special rights and responsibilities of the hunting agency and hunter/guest

Increasing the contracted price and amending the program – the organiser may request an increase of the contracted price if, after the signing of the contract, there should be a change in the exchange rate or in the travel rates. Furthermore, the Balkan Hunt reserves the right to change the programme, and already contracted packages will only be amended in case of force majeure.

Right of the hunter/guest to amend the trip – the hunter/guest may, at any time, amend the entire trip or some parts of it. For amended trips, the Balkan Hunt retains the paid organisation fees, while the advance payment will be amended in accordance with mutual agreement.

Right of the hunter/guest to cancel the trip – the hunter/guest may, at any time, cancel the entire trip or some of its parts. For cancelled trips, the Balkan Hunt retains the paid organisation fees, while the advance payment is refunded in the line with the cancellation periods below:

•          more than 60 days prior to the date of travel        100%
•          from 60 to 20 days before the start of travel           50%
•          less than 20 days prior to the start of travel           no refund

Right of the organiser to cancel the contract – the Balkan Hunt may cancel the contract as a whole or some of its parts, prior to or during the period of execution of the contract, if extraordinary circumstances that could not be predicted or prevent