Roebuck (Capreolus capreolus)


roebuckFor roebuck hunting, in the period 01.05 - 30.09 we offer you hunting grounds of exceptional quality  in Vojvodina and the Posavina regions, as an ideal habitat for roe deer, only hour away from Belgrade international airport and two and a half hours from the international airport Zagreb.

The hunting grounds are the plain type, with fields and meadows bounded with forests and small forest reserves, ideal for stalking and ambush hunting. The hunting grounds are equipped with numerous tall hunting stands and ambush sites. The perfect timing for hunting is in May when the vegetation is less dense or early August during mating season. Given the richness of our hunting grounds, you can  expect of 1 to 2 bucks over the weekend or 3 - 4 if you hunts for 3/4 hunting days!

Therefore, please invite your friends to venison stew, because after the hunt, you will not lack delicious meat.

We can offer individual or group hunting of roe deer in combination with other types of hunting, depending on your desires, capabilities and your free time. We also offer a video camera recording of hunting with professional guides, photo safari from high stands, etc.