Red deer (Cervus elaphus)


For red deer hunting, in the period 01.08 – 15.02 we offer you hunting grounds of exceptional quality in Vojvodina, only hour and a half away from Belgrade international airport and two and a half hours from the international airport Zagreb. The Backa region, in the Danube River Basins, is well known for its strong deer with antlers weighing an average of 6–8 kg, though they have been known to reach an exceptional 12 kg. The specific hunting grounds and centuries-old oak forests are home to big and strong red deer.

The hunting grounds are the plain type, with fields and meadows bounded with old oak forests and small forest reserves, ideal for stalking and ambush hunting. The hunting grounds are equipped with numerous high hunting stands and ambush sites.

The best success can be achieved during the mating season to mid-September.

We can offer individual or group hunting of red deer in combination with other types of hunting, such as roe deer or moufflon, depending on your desires, capabilities and your free time. We also offer a video camera recording of hunting with professional guides, photo safari from high stands, etc.