Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus)

pheasantPheasant hunting is organized in the period 15.10. - 28.02. on the hunting grounds in the area of Bosnian Posavina, a 3 hours drive from international airports Zagreb and Sarajevo, an hour and a half drive from Belgrade International Airport and 30 minutes drive from the Ċ½upanja (Zagreb-Belgrade highway). The terrain of hunting ground is typically plain, and features a large agricultural land surfaces in combination with low vegetation. Having in mind the richness of the hunting ground, hunting success is guaranteed.

Pheasants hunting is usually offered in combination with a rabbit hunt, since these two species share a common habitat and the hunting season of both species overlaps.

In addition to these packages, we offer other arrangements, in accordance with your wishes.

We organize transport from the international airports of Belgrade, Zagreb and Sarajevo.