Rates - Brown bear


brown bearHunting packages starting at 1500 euro + trophy value of the CIC standards for the individuals or groups of hunters include:

  • - 3 days of hunting (3 nights) with full board (at the hunting lodge, motel or private accommodation),
  • - hunting fee,
  • - insurance
  • - expert guide

- all You can eat / all You can drink (limited selection of alcohol beverages included)

Hunter keeps the fur and head with the skull.
For each missed shot, the penalty of 200 Euros will be charged.
For wounded and not found bear , the fee of 2000 Euros will be charged.
Hunter can buy the meat (without skin, viscera and head) at a cost of 5 Euro/kg.

We can offer individual or group hunting of brown bears in combination with other types of hunting, depending on your desires, capabilities  and your free time. We also offer a video camera recording of hunting with professional guides, photo safari from tall hunting stands, etc.

From the rich gastronomic offer we ask and offer veal, venison, various types of brandy, grilled meat, grilled lamb and other delicacies.

The prices of brown bear trophies are given in the table below:

CIC points

Price in Euros

Up to 150


from 150 to 199,99


from 200 to 249,99


from 250 to 274,99


from 275 to 299,99




over 300 points, each point


over 400 points, each point